/Small crash for Marquez in testing
Marc Marquez during day two of the pre-season test in Sepang, 2018

Small crash for Marquez in testing

Marc Marquez suffered a small crash at the end of the second testing day in Sepang, finishing in 7th place .

A crash at turn 2 on his final run ended his work for the day, as light rain began to fall.

Honda had a full schedule, with elements such as engine, aerodynamics, suspension, and tyres all to test.

With the new aerodynamic fairing to test, a big impact is made to the setup of the bike. Marquez took some time to adjust the settings to allow for quicker times.

Speaking after testing, Marquez said:

Today I’m very happy because we made some steps forward and I felt really good on my bike, especially in the afternoon, when we put everything in place and I did my fastest lap when the temperature was highest. Besides continuing our work on the engine and setup, we tried a new fairing, and when you do that type of test you have to adjust the bike’s balance a little bit. We’ll need to do more laps to collect more data and get used to riding with it. There are a few things we need to improve more, several areas of the setup that we have to adjust, but so far I’m happy with our pace and think we’re working well. Unfortunately, when we fit a new tyre at the end of the day, it started to rain a bit. I lost the front at turn two even though I wasn’t really pushing, but it wasn’t important.

Dani Pedrosa

Team-mate Dani Pedrosa managed a 13th place finish after leading the field on day one. He concentrated on testing the bike and did not worry about lap times. He felt

Speaking after testing, Pedrosa said:

Today we had a full-day session that allowed us to carry out many tests. We mainly used the new engine specifications, and we worked a lot on a new fairing and other combinations with the aerodynamics. We also worked on the suspension and tyres because with this type of work, you have to make many adjustments to the settings. Some aspects were good right away—the wheelie control was better, and we were able to apply more torque on corner-exit—but we need to improve other aspects and also try everything again at a different track. Anyway, the feeling was generally positive again today; we were quite precise in our work and managed to follow our testing plan well. Tomorrow will be the final day, and we’ll try and work more on the details.