/PTT announced as title sponsor of Thailand Grand Prix
PTT sponsor Thailand Grand Prix

PTT announced as title sponsor of Thailand Grand Prix

PTT will sponsor the first Thailand Grand Prix in 2018, an important step for the event ahead of the first race.

The state owned energy company will lend their name to the race and be known as the PTT Thailand Grand Prix. It will take place at the Buriram Circuit from the 5th – 7th October.

Important market

There have been rumours of a Grand Prix taking place in Thailand for a number of years, and 2018 will see the first race take place. The country is an important market to the teams as motorcycle sales are very high in the country, and teams already include Thailand in marketing trips with their riders. Having a race will be good for exposure of the sport, and the individual brands themselves. The race will take place at the Buriram International Circuit, which has been a regular on the World Superbike circuit for a number of years.

Pau Serracanta, Managing Director – Dorna Sports said:

We are thrilled to begin racing in Buriram in collaboration with PTT. This agreement marks an important and valuable investment in the Thailand GP for everyone concerned and will surely prove a key contributory factor to the success of the the newest event on the calendar – from its debut onward.