/Michelin confirmed as tyre supplier to Moto-e
Michelin successful 2017 season.

Michelin confirmed as tyre supplier to Moto-e

Michelin have been confirmed as the sole tyre supplier to the new FIM Moto-e World Cup which begins in 2019.

The French tyre company have been the sole tyre supplier to MotoGP since 2016, and earlier this year agreed to extend that deal until 2023.

By adding the new electric racing series to their portfolio, it will give a chance to run more tyres at similar tracks in order to evaluate them and provide more data on tyre performance. This will in turn lead to better tyres being developed for the MotoGP class.

The new electric series will be a single engine supplier, with Energica announced as the supplier earlier this week. An announcement of the tyre supplier adds more details to the series which doesn’t begin until 2019.

For as long as Michelin has existed, the projects in which it has been involved have sought to take mobility forward, while making it safer, more economical and more respectful of the planet. For Michelin, it will provide us with an invaluable laboratory for the development of innovations that will go on to feature on our road tyres. We are consequently delighted to be in at the very beginning of this new championship as a technology partner.