/Ducati approve of testing changes, but not the timing.
Jorge Lorenzo pit box at Valencia 2017.

Ducati approve of testing changes, but not the timing.

Gigi Dall’Igna has declared Ducati are happy with new testing regulations, but are upset about the timing of the announcement.

Teams had complete freedom over when and where to hold their 5 days of private testing throughout the season. The only exception was that testing could not take place at a track within 14 days of a race meeting. Up to three of the five test days next season can take place at a track which has yet to host a grand prix. Any remaining test days must take place at a track which has already hosted their grand prix. There will be no testing allowed in the summer break, between the German and Czech grand prix.

Manufacturers must nominate three circuits for their test riders to test at, and no testing may take place at any other track. This is in contrast to the current rules where test riders have unlimited testing abilities.

Geographical changes the driving force

The implemented changes are an effort to balance the geographical considerations between the factory teams. The majority of races are European based and so are three factories, Ducati, Aprilia and KTM. Maintaining a test team is easier and cheaper for those teams, compared to the Japanese factories.

The European teams are able to test at multiple tracks easier and cheaper than the Japanese factories, and these changes are an attempt to redress the balance.

Dall’Igna said:

I think the new rules are absolutely reasonable. It’s true that we have test team here in Europe and for us it’s a lot easier to test at a lot of different tracks. The Japanese manufacturers cannot because their test teams are in Japan. I agree with the principle of the rule, but I don’t agree with how this rule will be implemented. Above all, the timing. I’m completely against it because we had already programmed all of next year’s tests.