/Danger for Kiefer Moto2 team as KTM deal cancelled
Dominique Aegerter Kiefer 2017

Danger for Kiefer Moto2 team as KTM deal cancelled

The future of the Kiefer Moto2 team is in chaos after the collapse of their deal with KTM to supply chassis for next season.

After the death of team owner Stefan Kiefer at the Malaysian Grand Prix,  the team’s future was in doubt. Their future was believed to have been saved earlier this month after financial backing had been secured.

But, it appears that the financial backers of the project have now pulled out on the eve of the contracts being signed. This means that the team is in urgent need of financial assistance in order to begin the new season.

Aegerter has begun searching for new financial assistance, and in a show of support will invest in the team. He will also give up his salary in order to help the team start the new season.

Speaking to AutoSport, Aegerter said:

The investor who was supposed to give Pickworth the money has left and as a result the KTM deal was annulled. We thought everything was alright two weeks ago and today and tomorrow it was planned to sign the deal between team and rider and team and investor. But it fell through. We now need to have a look how to proceed. For us this is also a complete new situation, but we’ve made a plan B two, three weeks ago already. We need to find money. I’ll be investing myself and relinquishing my salary too.