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MotoGP to Finland?

MotoGP could be heading to Finland in the next few years with the team behind the construction of the new KymiRing Circuit announcing their intentions to target a MotoGP race as it’s flagship event.

The circuit has just been granted final planning approval and consruction will now begin on the 2.9 mile internationally-certified racetrack and project manager Timo Pohjola has announced that they are due to meet Dorna next month for discussions around the sport returning to the Scandinavian country.

Speaking to AutoSport, he said:

We have a good understanding with Dorna. We are going to have a meeting in February, they are visiting in Finland once again and we will discuss the timetable. We are really pleased with everything they have done so far.

With construction taking at least 12 months it is unclear when the track would be able to take a place on the MotoGP calendar and which, if any, races would make way for the new track. MotoGP has been looking to expand into new territories with Argentina being added to the calendar in 2014 and the return of the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring this season. If the circuit was to return to Finland, it would be the first grand prix held in the country since 1982 where the race was held at the Imatra circuit.

Whilst planning has now been approved and work can begin on clearing the forest around the circuit, the weather will play a part in construction of the facility an hour’s drive north of Helsinki, the capital of Finland. Commenting further, Pohjola said:

At the moment, the first thing we can continue is the forest cutting, so that is going to be the next stage, and then also we are starting some earthworks. The earth is frozen at the moment, the depth is about two metres that it is frozen. We have to wait a little so it melts, then it is a lot easier and cheaper to work on. We have about five months every year when it is not very wise to start earthworks. Winter will again be a factor later in the circuit’s construction, based on the first layer of the racing surface needing a winter to cure, before a second can be applied. We don’t know what is going to be the timetable at the end of this year.

With a possible return to Finland on the horizon, and on-going speculation over races in Thailand and Indonesia then it is an exciting time for the sport.