/Loris Baz in Confident Mood

Loris Baz in Confident Mood

Loris Baz the man who surprisingly likes the English weather. We caught up with him earlier today and we didn’t even mention the Tommy Sykes incident in WSBK, which he was very pleased about. We decided to concentrate on the task at hand and no matter what happens between now and the end of the season the Frenchman is eyeing up the Open Class Championship with Forward Racing.

How satisfied are you with FP1 and FP2 today?

Yes very I love the track and I love riding here. My favourite track is Phillip Island but this is a great circuit, along with Mugello, Oulton Park and Brands Hatch, which I won there in 2008, but I don’t the like the Indy circuit it’s s*$t. This was during my time in BSB.

Ok so what did you make of your time in BSB?

Yeah it is still one of my best memories because of the people and crowds. The cultures different the fans here love racing, Brands Hatch is great the crowd are a lot closer there than Silverstone. It was a special time.

So back to FP2 today and you’re not far away from Valentino Rossi what do you think of that?

(Laughs) Well the track is long here, but the times are really close, it was a good session we started out with the old tyres from FP1 and then made a compromise with the setting for this track. But we’ve made something good and now with the new tyre I push faster and I am happy with the lap I put together.

Did you have any issues with the strong breeze with Silverstone been exposed?

No I didn’t feel it until I went past the chequered flag (laughs) but during the session it wasn’t a problem.

What are looking at for tomorrow?

To be honest the top 10 isn’t going to be realistic and it won’t be easy but we have to find the best setting, I’m not a Saturday man though so I will try my best to find the best place and I will try to take the win over Barbera to make the race easier on Sunday.

The target is Barbera for the Open Championship are you happy with the championship effort so far?

Yeah really I didn’t expect at the beginning of the season to be fighting for this and I hope to take some more points here because we are able to fight with the Pramac and Aprilia.

It must be satisfying been in front of the Aprilia’s, obviously they are having issues but even still it must be rewarding with two good riders in Bautista and Bradl?

Yeah I don’t think the bike is very good for the MotoGP yet the electronics aren’t too bad and you can see from the middle of the race that the Open bikes suffer due to the electronics, but we are working on this to make the end of the race much better.

You mentioned you like the English weather although I am not convinced, are you monitoring the situation for the remainder of the weekend?

Yeah it is always like this (laughs) we will go with it in the morning and then we will see. I have some good memories in the wet and also the dry, I have won here in both conditions, but if it is wet then we can make something good that is impossible in the dry.

What do you think of the English fans here at Silverstone?

As I have mentioned I love them since my first experience here in 2008. There are people here who I have known since 2008 that have grown up with me. They are great they give you space if you need it or ask politely for pictures. I love the ambience and there are many people here from the Friday, they one of the best fans for sure and make it a great atmosphere.

A couple of questions now that relate to the race not been here in the future and the current situation with Forward, along with your own future, what are your thoughts on them?

I’d like to know myself but everything happened in the last month so it is hard to tell, of course I want to be here next year in this paddock it is a good bike and we are working hard with it and Marco is working hard to keep the team on the grid. I don’t know anything yet we are checking things in Superbike, but the plan is to stay here.

In regards to the bike are you happy with the package and the support from Yamaha?

Well with the Open Championship we don’t have the same electronics or the strongest engine, but the bike is very good, but it will be difficult to improve between now and the end of the season because we will have the same package. I would like to be in here next year with Yamaha because with the different software it will be really close and we can make better races, so I am hopeful something good will happen soon.

Shaun Woodward is a keen bike enthusiast and loves anything that involves 2 wheels. He has followed all categories of bike racing since he can remember from the days of Rainey, Schwantz and Gardener. A fitness enthusiast and a person with a keen eye to detail he will provide many useful insights into the world of MotoGP throughout the coming season and beyond.