/Loris Baz Speaks to Motoscene

Loris Baz Speaks to Motoscene

MotoGP’s new recruit Loris Baz spoke exclusively to Motoscene recently following his best finish and performance yet for Forward Racing at the Mugello GP. See what Baz thought about his preparation, what he was thinking throughout the race weekend and what next for the man from France.

1. In the lead up to the Mugello round had you changed anything in terms of your preparation for the race weekend?

No I don’t think so everything was still the same in fact maybe less preparation as Le Mans was my home race and Mugello was the home race of the team so there was a lot to do still. In terms of changing we looked at higher targets a little bit and I want to be in parc ferme again because it was a very nice feeling. I think the preparation will be the same for Catalunya.

2. What was going through your mind in the race?

Well just normal things really, but in the last 10 laps it felt quite long. In the first half of the race I was fighting with Scott Redding but the tyre didn’t last so I had to roll the throttle a little and was a lone trying to manage from Hector. It felt really long because I wanted to be so much in parc ferme and I felt really happy for me and the team because it wasn’t the easiest weekend for us and I wanted to do something with Stefan crashing out and Simone leading the Moto2 race and taken out.

3. What next?

We will look to continue as we are, the result at Mugello was really good and I hope we can build on it for the remainder of the season.

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