/Aspar and Mahindra together for 2015
Aspar and Mahindra announce partnership

Aspar and Mahindra together for 2015

The Mapfre Aspar Moto3 team will switch to Mahindra motorbikes next season after announcing a partnership with the Indian manufacturer at the German Grand Prix at Sachsenring.

The team is currently using a Kalex chassised KTM with Juanfran Guevara this season but will make the switch to Mahindra next season with a two rider team with aims of winning the world title.

The Aspar team has been a fixture on the grid for 22 years and has won 4 125cc riders championships, though none in the Moto3 era and they are determined to return to those days.

Mahindra have been competing in Moto3 since 2011 and this season have provided three other teams with bikes in addition to their factory team, outlining the level of ambition they have for the future. They became the first Indian manufacturer to ever race in Moto3 and secured their first podium when Miguel Oliveira finished in third place. They have stepped up their involvement with 8 bikes on the grid this season and Brad Binder’s second place finish in Germany this weekend was completed on a Mahindra bike for the Ambrogio team.

Announcing the deal, Aspar boss Jorge Martinez said:

This is an exciting new chapter in the Aspar story. I have been impressed with Mahindra’s attitude and commitment since they entered World Championship motorcycle racing. Mahindra is a huge company and it has a lot of ambition and a desire to win. Their bike is getting better with each race this year and we are all looking forward to working with them.

CEO of Mahindra racing Muffadal Choonia is looking forward to the partnership which will continue the tradition of the Aspar team as well as increasing the development of the Mahindra bike. Choonia said:

The Aspar team has discovered some great talent over the years and I think the Aspar-Mahindra combination should prove popular with young riders in the Moto3 class. I am looking forward to working closely with Jorge and his team over the coming months and I’m confident that we can provide them with a very competitive package in 2015.

With the number of Mahindra’s on the grid currently there are good development opportunities with a lot of data gathered each weekend, and combined with the vast experience of the Aspar team it should be an interesting case to watch and see if Mahindra can seriously challenge for the world title in 2015.